A girl in Nepal whose family was in bonded labor A girl scavenging at garbage dump outside of Phnom Penh Ugandan boy toils 8 hours every day in a quarry

The Intersection of Analysis and Solutions to End Modern Slavery

The NEXUS InstituteTM is an independent international human rights research and policy center.

Our work is dedicated to ending contemporary forms of slavery and human trafficking, as well as other abuses and offenses that intersect human rights and international criminal law.

NEXUS is recognized as a leader in developing innovative approaches to combating human trafficking and related issues. We are pioneering a new generation of knowledge and solutions driven by investigation and actionable research. In doing so, our work amplifies the voices of those who have suffered and survived these extreme and oppressive abuses.

NEXUS is more than a think tank. We are a social enterprise that fuses our research and analysis with implementation of more effective solutions in the field. We do this by supporting special projects and initiatives that apply innovative and more effective approaches, especially those that test and operationalize models of promising practices produced by NEXUS' analysis of policies and approaches around the world.

In this way NEXUS serves as a catalyst to inspire and inform action for positive change in the lives of communities, families and individuals around the world.